Will you personally be the Photographer for our wedding?

When hiring a Photographer you hire them for their personality and how they are able to interact with people. You hire them since you liked their portfolio. It would be a shame if your photographer was switched on you last minute and their photography was different from the style you fell in love with. Most photographers are independent, but sometimes you find photographers contracting work out with other photographers. Make sure you get the photographer you want and it is listed on the contract who will be shooting your wedding.

Is this your main job or a side job?

This tells you how much time they devote to editing your photographs. If this is their main job that means they are going to spend more time perfecting the photographs they took and won't make you have to attempt it on your own computer.

What is your dress attire for the event?

Although you want the photographer comfortable your wedding day (especially if it's an outdoor wedding) you want to make sure they are dressed according to your wedding style. Perhaps shorts and a Hawaiian shirt isn't the best choice for a wedding that is a black tie affair.

Will I receive copyright of the photographs?

Many companies now a days are printing your photographs to a CD and giving you full copyright permission of those images, although many companies are still not doing this. See if the company you are working with offers this possibility and if they don't ask them why. Many companies are more than happy to explain that the reason they don't offer the CD with all your images is because they want to make sure that your images you receive are the best and since their name is attached to these images, they want to ensure you are only receiving the best. Pretty admirable in my opinion.

What style of photography do you specialize in?

Make sure they style they specialize in is a style you are comfortable with. If you have a 1920's wedding theme, see if you can find a photographer that can specialize in the black and white style of the twenties. Is the photographer better at still shots. How are their live action shots? If you are hiring the photographer for the entire night make sure they are able to capture the little things that aren't seen by you since you will be so busy. The flower girl cuddling with her mom (or sleeping on a chair) at night. The groom's men dancing silly to a song that they thought would be a great idea. Life's moments pass you by but with a great photographer they can capture those moments for you.

Will you take the time to pose us properly?

Will you guide us in the different styles of poses we should take?

Often a photographer is able to help you in different poses that will best incorporate your wedding style. They often have a checklist of different poses that couples want, but make sure to give them freedom when it comes to different poses. Don't be so set on different poses because some of the best images are ones that weren't practiced. Here is a list of some poses that couples have had for their wedding.

How many hours does your service include?

Make sure you are aware of how many hours their service includes. Have your timing down pretty accurately so the photographer can arrive and depart when they need to. Personally the best service is an 8 hour service or more where your photographer can photograph you while you are getting ready, walking down the aisle, kissing, taking part in the cake ceremony, participating in the first dance and capturing some photographs of your friends and family. This also would include your "posed" photographs that will be remembered for a lifetime. If you don't require a full day service, make sure to inform your photographer when events are happening so they can inform you what they think would be the best. Outdoor photographs are best at certain times of days that your photographer will be more aware of so take that into consideration as well.

Do you have any packages we should know about?

Sometimes photographers have packages. It doesn't hurt to see what they have to offer and what is included in those packages. Don't automatically jump at ordering a package if you aren't someone that sees this as something you will have hanging on your wall or made into a photo book. If you want just a couple of images, see if they can help that way also.

Is touch up included in the price?

Most photographers will touch up your photographs, unless they put them on a CD. Professional photographers will allow you to see all your images and then once you select the ones you like they will touch those specific ones up for you.