These are just the top ten questions to ask your Florist.

How long have you been in business?

By asking this question you are able to find out if the images in their portfolio are theirs or someone else's. Make sure to ask which one's they created so get a feel for their style and make sure it coordinates with your wedding. If you are looking for a particular style, make sure they are comfortable with the style and see if they can put a sample together for you to see. The longer a florist has been in business, the more likely they are to have created several different styles during their years of business.

What is your specialty? Do you work with silk and fresh flowers?

This will tell you what the florist prefers and if the style will match your wedding style. Do they prefer to work with mixed flower arrangements, single flower arrangements or themed arrangements? Are they well adverse in working with these different styles and coordinating with your wedding style?

What made you begin this profession?

Their start-up story will tell you how passionate they are about creating floral arrangements for people.

If I decide to have fresh flowers on my cake, will you coordinate with my cake decorator?

Often most florist and cake decorators coordinate with each other when it comes to delivery time of the cake. If they aren't able to coordinate a time they often are able to coordinate how to make your floral arrangement look as intended over the telephone. Since cake decorators usually unaware of how the florist has intended to place the flowers on the cake it is often best to have them place the flowers or work closely with your cake decorator if fresh (or silk) flowers will be placed on the wedding cake.

Do you preserve bridal bouquets?

If you are the type of bride that would like to preserve your bouquet it is best to ask this at the beginning of the process. Even if they don't preserve bouquets they may know someone that does or have some helpful tips so you can do it yourself.

What flowers are in season that match my wedding style?

By asking the florist this question you can help save yourself a ton on your floral budget. Many people have fallen in love with flower arrangements they have seen in magazines, but sometimes the flowers are out of season for the state you live in. It is important (if you have a budget) to consider the best flowers for the time of year you are getting married in. For example in Minnesota you would want to order tulips in late April early May, otherwise the temperatures could be to warm or to cold for them to hold up for an entire day.

Do you deliver to the different locations (ceremony, reception, etc.? Is there an extra charge?

Usually a florist will bring your bridal party arrangements to the ceremony location. Check and see if it cost extra or if it is included in the price. Often florists will charge extra to deliver flowers to the reception hall (unless they have all the centerpieces also). If for any reason you have flowers that need to be delivered to the reception hall see how they work it out and if they include that in the price.

What are the floral trends right now?

This will help you know how up to date in the floral industry they are. It also helps you know that if they are aware of the floral trends they are often immersed in the wedding industry and are more than capable of doing your wedding.

How do you store the flowers?

During this question also ask how long the flowers "should" last? This will give you a timeline to make sure they are going to last during your wedding day. If they store the flowers properly and your flowers are delivered properly to protect the flowers from the outside elements your flowers should be just fine. Proper storage techniques can be found

How far in advance should I book?

This will tell you how popular the florist is and if you like the florist if you need to move quickly or not to book them. The Perfect Day Cakes recommends booking your florists 6-9 months before your wedding date. However, some florists book up more quickly and you may need more time if you have a certain florist in mind.