Disc Jockey/Entertainment

Will you personally be the DJ for our wedding?

When hiring a DJ you hire them for their personality and how they are able to interact with people. Often in large companies the person you meet with will not be the person that will be emceeing your event. Make sure you have had the opportunity to meet with the DJ that will be doing your event and confirm that the specific DJ's name is written in your contract.

Have you performed at our wedding venue before?

Every venue's set-up is different when it comes to electrical outlets, acoustics and room sizes. You want to make sure the DJ is comfortable setting up their equipment and informing you where the best place for the music would be. If the DJ hasn't been to your venue they should be willing to visit the venue to properly prepare himself for your big day. By doing this, this will allow him to study the floor plan and prepare what he needs to bring.

What is your dress attire for the event?

Most DJ's have a tuxedo or suit they wear during an event. You want to make sure the DJ is overdressed. It is important the DJ's style coordinates with your style and meets your expectations.

Will you direct the activities or events?

Any professional DJ should feel comfortable enough directing people to the different events that are going to be taking place.

Do you have a video of your performance?

This is the best way to see the DJ in action. Since a professional DJ shouldn't allow you to swing by an event he is doing, the next best way to see them in action is a video.

How many songs do you have in your music library?

Feel free to ask how they keep the library up to date. Making sure your favorite music and songs are available are important. If they don't have your favorite songs are they willing to purchase them so they can have them just for your wedding? Do they have a list of songs you can look at to confirm the song selection meets your standards?

If we don't want a particular song played will you avoid playing it?

Any professional DJ should be willing to avoid playing songs you don't want. They should also feel comfortable telling your guests that he doesn't have that song available for this particular event.

What's included in the cost of my event?

Most DJs charge an hourly rate and then charge extra for additional equipment that is needed. Be clear what the DJs services entail. That way you know if you will be paying extra for children's light up entertainment, disco lightings, ect. Confirm your contract states everything that is included along with the price. If your DJ offers packages make sure the packages include the items you want and see see how much extra additional equipment is.

Will you have a cordless microphone for speeches?

Having a cordless microphone makes toasting convenient and more enjoyable.

How do you make announcements?

This will tell you how your event is going to play out. Make sure your DJ fits the style of your wedding. Hire an entertainer if you want a ton of people to be on the dance floor, but don't hire an entertainer if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere with cocktails and talking. Your DJ will guide your event in the direction you want, but only if it is the right type of DJ.