These are just the top ten questions to ask your Cake/Bakery.

Do you have all the required licenses and certificates?

In the state of Minnesota a license is required for the sale of any edible substance (this includes cake). This ensures that the Department of Agriculture inspects the kitchen to find its conditions are satisfactory to be licensed. All food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen approved by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture/Health. Also, all food establishments (including places that sell cake) must have one person on staff that is a certified food manager. This ensures that proper sanitation, food preparation and overall food safety are being practiced.

How many wedding cakes do you do per weekend?

This tells you how much time the baker/decorator puts into each cake they create. The more cakes they create per weekend, the less time they are spending on your wedding cake.

Do you deliver?

There is enough for you to think about on your wedding day, picking up a cake should be your last concern. If the cake is large or at all delicate delivery would be worth it. Make sure to ask how much extra delivery is and what it includes.

Can you create a custom wedding cake?

Don't just rely on their answer for this question. Look at their portfolio. Do they have different styles of cakes or is it only one or two different kinds of cakes? Many decorators specialize in a certain style of cake and that is great, but can they go outside of their comfort zone and and still create an amazing cake of your dreams? Are they willing to design the cake with you or do you have to go based off of cakes they have in their portfolio? In today's day and age you should be able to get a cake that matches your wedding style and your personality.

How far in advance are cakes prepared (baked)?

Do they freeze their cakes prior to decorating? The closer to your wedding date the cake is baked the better. For a typical Saturday wedding most bakeries that bake fresh bake on a Wednesday or Thursday. Be warned of the baker that says they are baked and decorated the day before your wedding. For stability reasons(cake needs time to settle due to gravity) a cake should not be baked the day before your wedding unless you want a potential disaster on your hands. A wedding cake typically takes three to five days to bake and decorate.

Do you charge per slice or per cake?

Does the cost of the cake include any filling, icing or cake flavor? If not how much extra will it cost to make it the cake you want? Will it cost more if the cake is custom created or a more complex cake? Do certain decorations impact the final price?

Do you have any referrals or testimonials I may look at?

This allows you to know how happy other couples have been using this decorator. Also doing a search online with the bakeries' name and testimonials will give you some more incite to what others are saying about the bakery.

Can I rent items like cake stands, fountains, knives, etc?

Is there a rental fee and when are the items due back? Are they able to find items that match your wedding style or are there only a few items they have to pick from?

Are you insured?

This is another safe guard for your protection as a consumer. It is important for your decorator to have insurance in case of unforeseen events. As a consumer this can protect your money and guests.

Do you offer tastings and consultations?

If asked all decorators should allow you to taste the cake; after all you want to make sure you like what you are paying for. Are they willing to bake certain flavors for you or is it a list of flavors that you choose from? How many people do you get to bring with you during the consultation? Do they charge for the tasting or is it complimentary? By tasting the cake you can make sure it meets your standards and requirements.