Bridal Shops

These are just the top ten questions to ask your Bridal Shop Vendor. If you would like to download a printable version of this page please click here.

What are your exchange policies?

It's always good to know their exchange policies just in case something happens. You never know if your bridesmaids are looking at becoming pregnant during your wedding or if you or they plan to go on a crash diet for your wedding. It is always better to be prepared just in case something happens.

What are your cancellation policies?

I know many of us don't want to think about an unforeseen circumstance, but they do occur. You should always be prepared and figure out what policies are in place in case something unforeseen does occur. If you have found a different dress you love and have to have see if the bridal shop will work with you to exchange the dresses at an additional fee, rather than paying for two dresses.

Do you do alterations? If so what is the alteration fee?

This will guide you in a timeline in making appointments. Whether you go with the bridal vendor or someone else it is good

Who will you contact when the bridal party dresses arrive?

See if the vendor will contact the bridal party and you when your bridal party dresses arrive. By being aware of when their dresses come in it helps you coordinate final fittings and another girls day out.

What will you do if the dresses come in the wrong color?

This has been known to happen. Make sure that the vendor is willing to take responsibility and see if they can rush order something in at their expense. Always confirm the order before payment to confirm the color and color code match up for extra security.

What will you do if the dresses come in the wrong size?

Before ordering your dress confirm that they ordered the dress according to your largest body part. Therefore, if your hips are a size ten but your waist is a size eight confirm the dress will be a size ten. It is better to have your dress to big and be altered than to have your dress to small and tight. If on the off chance the dress comes in to small for some reason, confirm that the sizes match according to the largest part of your body when the dress arrives. If it is their mistake the vendor should take responsibility for it. If however for some reason your body size has changed see if the bridal shop is willing to exchange your dress for a different size for a nominal fee.

What will you do if the dresses come in late?

If the dresses come in late will you have enough time for them to size and alter? Make sure that you give the bridal shop plenty of time to order your dress. Don't wait last minute because anything can happen. Make sure to look for your gown at least nine months before the wedding to give the shop plenty of time to order, receive and alter it.

Can my bridesmaids send in their measurements or would you like to measure them yourself?

Unless you have someone that is well adverse into fashion and sizing it is recommended to be measured by a professional. Sometimes bridal shops prefer they do it themselves, but they are understanding if members of your bridal party live further away from the shop and are unable to make a personal appointment. Please just make sure all bridal party members are measured properly. Measurements most bridal shops need for dress fitting are the bust (measure at widest part of the back across the top of the bust), waist (measure at your waistline. Do not hold your stomach in and make sure to leave a finger width to have room for movement) and hips (measure at the largest part of your hips.).

Do you have any specials I should be aware of?

Often bridal shops will have a special on something in their store. Whether it is accessories, shoe dying, bridesmaids dresses, it doesn't hurt to ask. Perhaps they'll give a discount on your undergarments if purchased through them during the time of your order. However, don't be surprised if they don't have specials as many independent shops aren't able compete with the big boxes when it comes to major sales, but they can compete on service and quality.

How long have you been in business or in the bridal shop industry?

This will inform you of how many couples they have worked with, their reputation and their quality of service. If they are a newer company ask for testimonials or referrals of past or current clients.