Common Mistakes Brides Make

Not creating the guest list first

This is crucial! Without knowing the number of people that are coming ho do you know where to book your reception? How do you know how much food needs to be ordered or how many rooms to reserve for guests? This also helps you in preparing your budget and figuring out where and how to allocate money, keeping in mind that each guest averages out to be about $90.00.

Ordering invitations to late

Wedding invitations should be in the mail 6-8 weeks before the wedding (earlier for out of town guests). Order your invitations with plenty of time to spare so you don't have to rush on addressing, stuffing and stamping them.

Ordering to many invitations

It sounds silly but this happens all the time. In planning a wedding you are always asked how many guests are you anticipating. Well, many people will order per guests when it comes to invitations because they have been thinking that number for months. Remember when ordering invitations to order per household, not per guest.

Not adding enough postage to invitations

Before mailing any invitations make sure to bring the completed invitation packed with the reservation card, maps, etc to the post office to see the exact weight and cost.

Using conditioner the day of your wedding

Using conditioner the day of your wedding will cause your hair to most likely not stay up. Use shampoo, but not conditioner.

Wearing a t-shirt to the hairstylist

Make sure to wear a button up shirt to your hairstylist the day of your wedding. Wearing a t-shirt requires you either cut of the shirt to keep your hair in tact or you mess up your hair to keep your shirt in tact. Neither are decisions you should have to decide on your wedding day.

Not having a run-through with your hairstylist

Some people know exactly what they want they hair to look like the day of their wedding, but that doesn't mean their hairstylist does. By having a run-through with your hairstylist you can make sure your stylist can style your hair that way, but you can also make sure the style looks good around your facial features.

Ordering your wedding dress to late

Some wedding dresses can take up to a year to order. Most take 6-9 months. Don't hesitate on ordering your dream dress because it may not come back in time. Remember you need time for alterations (sometimes more than once), so calculate that into your time frame also.

Not following your budget

You set a budget for a reason and many vendors want to help you stay within your budget if they can. First, after your consultations dont be afraid to let the vendors know what your budget is for their particular service. Some may be able to provide the services in that price point or guide you in a direction that better suites your budget while still fitting within your wedding style. If there is something you really want see if you can cut back somewhere else.

Assuming your wedding party knows what is expected of them

Be flexible with what you want from your wedding party, but also make sure they know what you expect from them. A general rule of thumb for the wedding party to know the arrival time for the rehearsal dinner and ceremony. They should know when to be ready, where to stand during the ceremony and where to sit during the reception. The wedding party should be encouraging people to dance and to participate in the bouquet and garter toss. If your reception hall requires you to clean in the night or morning your wedding party should be aware of this.

Having last minute beauty treatments

Having a facial the day before the wedding can actually open your pores and cause a break out. If you want to pamper yourself the day before the wedding get a manicure and pedicure. Otherwise, plan the facials and massages at least two weeks before the wedding.

Waiting to block hotel rooms for your event

This should be done soon after the wedding date is set. That way your out of town guests don't have to scramble to find a hotel room if it is a busy time of the year.

Not greeting or saying hello to all of your guests

Your guests came to congratulate you. Do your best to hold a small conversation with as many people as you can. Otherwise, at least give them the common courtesy of going to their tables and thanking them for coming.

Not hiring a professional

There are several things you can do to cut your budget, but not hiring a professional should not be on your list. When it comes to a Disc Jockey and Photographer make sure to interview plenty of professionals and find one that best suites you and your wedding. A good DJ is going to be able to guide your event and keep things organized, along with getting people on the dance floor. A good photographer is going to be able to keep up with the speed of the wedding and get shots that your friends and family members won't be able to. When it comes to food make sure your vendor is licensed and insured. Make sure they are aware of proper food handling techniques and the temperature danger zones. If they aren't aware of these items, they may not be preparing your food properly and you may have potential food poisoning occurring at your event.