What Makes The Perfect Day Cakes Unique

Licensed and Insured

Minnesota State Law requires that any food item be made from a licensed facility. The Perfect Day Cakes bakes out of a facility that is licensed by the Department of Agriculture. The Perfect Day Cakes is also a insured for your safety. Thea takes pride in knowing that all food is handled properly and correct food safety is used when preparing your desserts. For extra security Thea is a certified food manager. To see if your bakery is licensed check Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Website.


Who wants to use vacation days planning their wedding? I know I wouldn't. I make everything from the first meeting to the set-up of your wedding cake as convenient as possible. I like to do wedding consultations on Thursdays and Sundays, but I realize this doesn't work for every couple. I work around your schedule for the consultation. People are surprised to hear that I have consultations that end at 8:00pm. If there are any questions during your wedding planning process feel free to contact me via email or phone. Don't be afraid to ask, even if it isn't about your wedding cake. I usually have a 24 hour turn around time. You will see that I email quickly after I hear from you. I have written a wedding planning guide which has taught me wedding planning from the inside out. During my years in business I have also been able to meet some amazing vendors that I can refer. This resource allows you to do things more important, like pack for your honeymoon!

I Listen

During the consultation I take the time to learn about you and your wedding. The average consultation with me is about 2 hours. That is because I ask you questions and actually listen to your answers. I have had couples go off in tangents with me about things that aren't related to their wedding, but I will always listen. Sometimes this allows the couples to figure out a different part of their wedding planning process. Besides, if I didn't listen to the tangents I wouldn't learn about the couple or about the personality of each person. When designing a cake I need to know enough about you so I can actually make the cake to match not only your wedding style but also your personality.


I do my best to make all my items priced at the same price point. Although 95% (ninety-five percent) of my filling and cake flavors are included in the base price, there are a few exceptions. Please check the Flavors page to see the exceptions. I have heard time and time again that couples like a certain cake, filling and icing and soon find out their cake is twice what they thought it would be. I refuse to “Nickle and Dime” like other bakeries. Some decorations do impact the final price, but you can assume that if your cake doesn't have gumpaste or fresh flowers your cake will cost the price I originally quoted you. Pricing couldn't be more simple.

Buttercream or Fondant

When designing your wedding cake we discuss several options when it comes to icing. Since I have 8 different icings to choose from sometimes it may be overwhelming. One thing is for sure, for those of you that love the look of fondant, I can do that. For those of you that don't really care for the taste, I can do buttercream also. During the consultation I discuss the difference between the two, but for now you can rest assured that I can create with both icings.


When it comes to color I do everything I can to match your color perfectly to your wedding color. I have been known to spend hours trying to create a particular color to match your colors perfectly. Afterall, a seafoam green is different than an ocean blue. I also educate you when it comes to potential issues that may happen occur when placing certain colors on your cake.


As a decorator I have been published in the Owatonna Peoples Press on numerous occasions. I have also been published in Minnesota Bride and Letoile Magazine and their Blog. I have created desserts for a US Senator and many happy couples. During my professional years as a decorator I have won several awards and was one of eight bakeries in the Upper Midwest chosen to compete in the Live Ultimate Cake Competition at the Mall of America. That just shows you how professional I am as a decorator, but what about on the business level?

When my cake arrives at the venue I make sure everything for the cake is done professionally. I refuse to put my cake on a table that is wobbly. I also refuse to leave a cake out for several hours before your reception. Most of the cakes I create take between 30 and 60 hours to create, I want to make sure that all the work that goes into the cake is enjoyed by you the first time you see it! Your cake is a large part of your wedding and I want it to be perfect when you arrive. When I leave your cake I also make sure that the table is icing free and your cake is displayed as it should be, the most beautiful thing in the room besides the bride!

High Quality Items

If you have tasted my cake then you know I make sure my desserts are of the highest quality. A wedding cake should be something people leave your wedding talking about, and hopefully still be talking about days after your wedding. If you search “PERFECT DAY CAKES RATINGS” online you will see the following ratings:
5 Star Rating on Wedding Wire
5 Star Rating on ProjectWedding.com
5 Star Rating on CitySearch.com

I Educate

During the consultation and taste test I talk about the cake, but I also make it a point to discuss other parts of your wedding. By doing this I am able to understand what your wedding style is. I can then help with any other wedding planning needs you may have.


I love to design a cake that is completely different from your everyday wedding cake! If you don't plan on having your wedding like everyone else why would you choose a wedding cake that tastes or looks like everyone else. This is one thing that I really pride myself on, difference. I think it is important to design your wedding cake from the inside out. That is why I have over 15 cake flavors, 18 filling flavors and 8 icing flavors. You get to create your very own, unique wedding cake that you will remember for a lifetime. I will sit down with you and bring in all the aspects of your wedding and your personality into your cake. I have had several couples bring me pictures of different wedding cakes that they like, but they couldn't figure out how to tie them all together into their wedding cake. By sitting down with them and listening to them, I was able to bring different aspects of all the cakes, and some of my own ideas into one wedding cake that went perfectly with their wedding style and showed their personality. Now that is customization!