Vegan Menu

For months, at The Perfect Day Cakes I researched what products were truly vegan. Thankfully with the help of my "previous" lacto/ove vegatarian brother, I was able to come up with some desserts that I knew were completely vegan friendly. Now that I am more aware of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, I find that many cookbooks state they are vegan cookbooks, but in all reality many of the ingredients they recommend are not appropriate for a vegan diet. I promise when working with The Perfect Day Cakes for your vegan or vegetarian dessert I will create the dessert to the level of vegan your lifestyle is. So whether you are vegan or a lacto/ove vegetarian, The Perfect Day Cakes is able to help you get a great dessert.

Vegan Cake

Organic - $10.00 per serving

When baking organic all ingredients used in the cake, fillings and icings are organic. This includes the vanilla, canola oil, unbleached flour and organic vegan cane sugar. Due to the fact these items are more expensive, the cost of organic cake is more expensive.

Non-Organic - $7.00 per serving

If you are willing to use regular canola oil, vanilla, all purpose flour and non-organic sugar the cost of your cake will go down. These items are not organic, so the cost is cheaper. However, The Perfect Day Cakes ensures that all items baked with are vegan according to Peta.

These prices include any vegan cake, vegan filling and vegan icing flavor. Please contact us to inform The Perfect Day Cakes of the ingredients you would prefer in your cake. Once ingredients are determined Thea can give you a more reliable estimate.

Unfortunately Sheet Cakes are not available at a discounted rate for vegan cakes.

Vegan Cheesecake - $50.00

Made with tofutti these cheesecakes may look like a regular dairy filled cheesecake, but they are strictly vegan.

NY Style

Vegan Cookies - $30.00 per dozen

Chocolate Chip Pecan

All cookies have a minimum order of one dozen.

Vegan Pies - $25.00

Chocolate Pear
Cranberry Apple
Raspberry Peach