The Perfect Day Cakes is very excited to offer several different pie options to you. Thea has had the opportunity to create some traditional and nontraditional pie flavors. The nontraditional flavors may sound a little intimidating, but the flavor combinations on your palate are outstanding. When ordering pies with The Perfect Day Cakes please keep in mind that there is a two pie minimum order enforced per pie flavor. When ordering pies for larger quantities (pie servings of 50 or more) there will be a three flavor maximum that The Perfect Day Cakes will create. To view our pie selection or pies we have created for events please see our Pie Galelry. Ready to order? Fill out our CONTACT US form to get started or call 507.455.2253


    Pies $20.00

    Candy Cane*
    Coconut Cream
    Cookies and Cream
    French Silk
    Lemon Meringue
    Lemon Supreme
    Sour Cream & Raisin
    White Chocolate Silk

    Specialty Pies $25.00

    Blackberry Sour Cream
    Candy Cane*
    Chocolate Walnut
    Cookies and Cream
    Cranberry Mincemeat
    Key Lime*
    Strawberry Cream Cheese
    Strawberry Rhubarb*
    Strawberry Silk*
    White Chocolate Silk