Sugar Free Menu

As a Type 1 Diabetic, Thea Farrington, owner of Perfect Day Cakes took several years to learn how to create a great dessert with little granulated sugar. She is extra careful when creating these desserts to make sure the recipient is not only receiving a great dessert, but also receiving the number of carbs per serving for these desserts. Please remember, just because someone says it's sugar free, doesn't actually mean it is carb free.

Sugar Free Cake - $8.00 per serving

These prices include any diabetic cake, diabetic filling and diabetic icing Flavor. Most of the Diabetic Cake recipes are made with "Splenda" to help cut the number of carbohydrates down, but if you would prefer a cake that is made with a different "Sugar Substitute" please let The Perfect Day Cakes know. Thea will create a cake with your preferred sugar substitute. Upon pick up your cake will still have the number of carbohydrates and servings available to you.
Unfortunately Kitchen Cakes are not available at a discounted rate for Diabetic cakes.

Sugar Free Cupcakes - $3.50+

These prices include any diabetic cake flavor and non-specialty icing. Minimum order per flavor is two dozen

Create Your Own

$3.50 per cupcake without filling
$4.50 per cupcake with filling
$0.50+ extra per cupcake for decorations

Chocolate, Vanilla and Whipped Icing is included in the price.

*Please note that the most of the decorations on the Sugar Free Cupcakes are not sugar free. These items are easily removable. If you would prefer to have all items on the cupcake sugar free please inform us and we will let you know the different options that you have. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sugar Free Pies - $25.00

Banana Cream
French Silk
Key Lime
Lemon Meringue
Strawberry Silk

Sugar Free Cheesecakes - $50.00

Made with Splenda these cheesecakes look like a regular cheesecake, but have less carbohydrates in them for easier carb counting.

NY StyleChocolate

Sugar Free Cookies - $30.00 per Dozen

Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter

All cookies have a minimum order of one dozen.