About Thea

familyWhen I was four years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Also known as insulin-dependent diabetes, IDDM for short or juvenile diabetes. In short, my pancreas fails to produce any insulin and I am dependent on insulin shots for the remainder of my life. Thankfully with the amazing family I had growing up, I was always encouraged to do things that would bring me joy. While growing up I always saw my father creating desserts in the kitchen. During that time frame, I would work in the kitchen with him creating cookies, pies for our Thanksgiving festivities, or just watch him create his cheesecake recipe. At the time I didn't realize how much my family did for me in helping me maintain my diabetes, but as time went on (about twenty years), I realized that they helped me grow into the sugar loving person that I am today.

Growing up my father created a sugar free pumpkin pie recipe and every year he made me my own sugar free pie for Thanksgiving. My parents got me Angel food cake for my birthday, made sure at other birthday celebrations I got a piece of cake by substituting foods and carefully monitoring my blood glucose. During Girl Scout Cookie time my parents ordered cookies from me that I could occasionally enjoy for a bedtime snack. At Halloween they paid me for my candy when I got home from trick or treating with my friends and somehow the Easter Bunny always made sure I had sugar free candy in my Easter basket. Needless to say my family showed me that celebrations meant you were special and no matter what you should be able to enjoy and celebrate with everyone else. The more I realized how much my family did for me, the more it made me realize that just because you have a certain illness or disease, doesn't mean you shouldn't do things you love. So, I baked and I continued to bake.

Tati1My husband Eric and I were happily married in January 2001. Soon after our marriage we moved to Florida to start our lives together. After two years we moved back to Minnesota so we could start a family of our own, with our parents and my siblings being nearby. Mid-January of 2005 our daughter was born pre-mature. In late March she was finally able to come home with us. Watching her in the hospital those two months made me realize I wanted her to learn the similar lessons that my parents taught me; just because you've been told you can't do something (for me it was due to health) doesn't mean there isn't a way for you to still enjoy it. Therefore, In September of 2005 I opened The Perfect Day Cakes. By doing this I believe it shows my daughter (the same way my parent's showed me) that anything is possible, no matter what people think. Growing up with parents that made sure I always had special desserts during certain times of year, made me realize the importance of family and celebrations. It also made me realize that many celebrations have desserts (whether they are sugar free or not). That is why I've created recipes for special dietary needs. After all, I know how important celebrations are, but I also know how important a child feels if they are given a special dessert of their own, even if they have dietary restrictions.

As a diabetic, that owns a custom order bakery, it feels good to say to my daughter, "Yes honey, anything is possible, no matter how ironic!"

I have competed in competitions and become an award winning cake decorator and baker. I have also had the pleasure in being published in some amazing magazines and have had several newspaper articles written about me and my business. I have helped out several organizations and am a strong believer in helping out the community. I have had the opportunity to create cakes and other desserts for some amazing people, and during all of this I have still been able to see my daughter grow up. Because of all the amazing traditions my family has I have become the person that I am today.

Our family traditions continue to move from generation to generation and it makes me feel good to know that I am bringing my daughter up in the same family traditions that I had when I was younger. Every year at Thanksgiving time, I take time out of my work schedule and head to my parents. During this time my daughter, niece and several other family members create a ton of pies with my father the day before Thanksgiving. Several of my best recipes were created from my father when I was younger and working in the kitchen with him. The kitchen, it brings families together. It fills the room with a sweet aroma.

The kitchen..... it is a magical place!